workshop Track your sound

Antje Vowinckel

June 8th (afternoon)  to 11th

sound art/radio art/ podcast workshop

recording: microphones, recording devices, interfaces

production: editing, mixing, presentation

dramaturgy: O-Ton (interview, language impro), directing actors, music choice and composition, semiotic theory

costs:    150/ 120 Euro

place :    Errant Sound galery, Kollwitzstr. 97, 10435 Berlin

teaching language: German/English/French

minimum number: 6, maximum number: 10

If you want to participate, please sign up here:

workshop leader:   Antje Vowinckel, award winning sound and radio artist, numerous productions for German public radio, festivals and venues,

day 1 recording   4 pm  – 7 pm/ 7.30 – 9 pm

which microphone for which situation ? standard and creative solutions

theory with demonstration: mono/stereo, large/small diaphragm, condenser, dynamic, headset, contact , XY, MS- stereophony, directionality, omnidirectional, cardioid, tube etc, windshields, pop shield –choice and preparation of place and room,

practise: comparison. We record a short text and a short field recording with all available microphones and listen to the recordings in a direct comparison on neutral monitors. (Please bring our own microphones, of each type and quality.)

game: Who recogises her/his own mike?

7.30– 9 pm  devices (like zoom ) and digital interfaces

theory with demonstration: user interfaces of mobile recording devices and digital audio interfaces Nagra Ares BB+, Zoom, MBox Pro and others;  important settings, common mistakes

 race!The first who gets an audio signal out of an completely incorrectly set audio work station wins a bottle of wine

day 2   production: 10 am – 2.30 pm and 4pm – 5.30 pm

– audiosequencer, plugins, recording space

introduction to software with beamer projection. We will work with ProTools (Pro Tools First) and Reaper. Other software is possible if you are familiar with it. Please download the software and be sure, that you can open it on your notebook. All further settings will be explained in the workshop

editing: pre-settings in the program and in the system

– use of mono-, stereo, bus- Midi-, instrumental- and master tracks

– special case: recordings from internet browser

mixing: equalizing, panning, compression, reverb, use and automation of plug-ins, work with midi-tracks and virtual instruments

practise: montage and mixing of 2- minute piece with voice, sound and music tracks – 5.30 pm playing/ presenting sounds

theory with demo:  how and where to present an audio piece? Podcast, radio, headphones, midi controller, side specific. Which speakers ? Where in the room?  Dealing with given situations

day 3   dramaturgy: 10 am –1.30 pm and 2.30 – 5.30 pm

1 hour theory with powerpoint presentation:

sign system, difference between mimesis and digesis, What happens when language and music come together?

   O-Ton, interviews, improvised scenes, journalistic interview, artistic interview,

  • interview techniques, game situation, street survey, legal basics

practise: team exercises: street survey, expert interview, biographic interview, Interview, playful scenic interview, automatic speaking and editing of the results

  (2.30pm – 5.30 pm) directing of actors (with text)

directing of voice recordings. How do I find an actor/speaker ? How do I want to record the text and why. How to talk to actors?

practise: directing exercies with a professional actor/actress.Each one will record the same text with the same actor. Trying out different versions. Feed back from the actor. Comparison with the impressions of the others. Does the result match my idea?

day 4 music and sound 10 am – 12 am

theory with examples

choice of music and sounds from cd or archives, combination of text and music; voluntary and involuntary image results by music choice, musical cut, working together with composers

practise: own simple composition with self recorded sounds, instruments and plug ins

12 h end – feed back.

Afternoon or whenever : individual technical or dramaturgic consulting for your projects   1 hour 40 Euro